Marian Aguilera Wallpaper I

Many months ago, when i was first introduced to Marian Aguilera, i searched the internet for her wallpaper. Disappointing. there’s not that many out there. What was it; four?  There’s one i particularly liked but cannot save on my computer coz my family sometimes uses it: her bare back being splashed with paint. Hot! but very dangerous waters!

Note: here’s a weblog/fansite for Marian Aguilera. most on the internet of her is in Spanish, so this one is for English-speaking fans. and NO, Marian Aguilera is NOT a lesbian. and NO, she’s also NOT a muslim.

Here’s a collection of Marian Aguilera wallpaper that i have created from video grabs. feel free to make changes deemed necessary.

Note: All images are in 1200 x 900 pix. To download: right-click on images, open in new window/tab and save-as.

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