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when i was first introduced to this fine actress, i was actually “researching” Lisa Ray. of course, when you’re looking for Lisa Ray, you will inevitable find some of her work, “The World Unseen” and “I can’t think straight“. in both movies, produced by the same production company and directed by the same director Shamim SarifLisa Ray starred opposite Sheetal Sheth.

I saw “I can’t think straight” first, because i found out that they made that one first (trying to do it chronologically; it’s the very slight OCD in me). after that, i saw “The World Unseen“. i immediately noticed that this movie was better made than ICTS – the picture, cinematography, lighting,  sound and editing. Because all the elements are working well in this movie,  Lisa Ray and Sheetal Sheth’s performance seems better too.

at the time, i was busy with being infatuated by Lisa Ray, so i didn’t pay much attention to anyone else in the movies. but i must say, i noticed Sheetal Sheth, because she reminded me of my lecturer at UM. She totally looks Gujarati, just like my former lecturer. i have great respect and admiration for this very awesome lecturer, so it was like a pleasant feeling in me when i saw Sheetal Sheth – she reminded me of those days in class with the lecturer who was also my supervisor. good times…!

so i watched all the interviews with Lisa Ray in them, and of course, also saw Sheetal Sheth when she’s in those interviews too. i must say, the more i listen to Sheetal Sheth talking, the more i find her to be attractive! and thus, being the researcher that i am, i researched more on her – i read all the interviews i could find and watched some of the interviews i could watch on my limited broadband.

i realised that i was falling for this awesome actress in the process – for her as an actress, and even more so as a person. here’s the problem: when you fall for someone as a person, the fall is usually very hard! “infatuation” is kinda easier to handle because you know it’s just an infatuation, a phase and it’s an “unrealistic” love/admiration for a character that the actor has played. it’s mostly driven by adrenaline-like hormones. falling for someone: you surpass that. you like the personality, the person, the human inside that body. it’s serotonin and dopamine! it’s not good…!

Do you know your Sheetal Sheth? (all info is available online with a bit of hard work and a lot of  time. for other stuff, there’s always the easily available Wikipedia):

1. Sheetal शीतल, derived from Sanskrit word Shital means “cool, cold, calm, pleasant feeling”, or another website says “fresh, fantastic” .

2. Date of birth is June 24, in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, USA.

3. Brand ambassador for Reebok Freestyle NY shoes (2008). When asked to describe herself in 5 words by Reebok, she listed “open-minded, driven, sensitive, honest and bossy”.

4. She graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, one of the best in the world. She studied the Strasberg Technique – the Method.

5. Loves extreme sports, like sky-diving, paragliding, white-water rafting, hang-gliding, bungee-jumping and the sort. Most favourite: hang-gliding, “because it’s the closest you can get to flying“.

6. Speaks English, Gujarati and Hindi fluently. Had studied French when she was in school for a few years and currently learning Spanish.

7. The first Indian-American to appear in Maxim – issue February 2006 (#98).

8. Loves Howard Stern. i can’t comprehend why because i’ve never listened to his shows. one day…. may be…!

9. her first film: ABCD (“American Born Confused Desi”) (interview here) drew a lot of “passionate” reaction, especially from fellow Indian-Americans.

10. she’s a vegetarian Jain and has been a vegan for more than half of her lifetime, which explains her lack of body weight! but she confesses to exercising regularly to keep fit and healthy, because she loves eating (“Love, Life, and the Pursuit of Happiness. But there has to be food“).

11. loves dancing. has been dancing all her life. trained particularly in Indian traditional dances.

12. very academic – loves reading and studying. she did very well in school (the reason for getting into Tisch). mental sharpness and overall intelligence is very important to her. she also likes to keep herself updated with latest news in the USA and the world (example here, where she can talk about TWU and the general election in one breath… more or less…!).

13. has a younger brother and older sister. unfortunately i can’t reveal more without sounding like a stalker! heheh! but i will say that it’s interesting that all of them have similar shape of lips!

14. went to Bal Vihar (Indian version of the American Sunday school) and has always celebrated Indian/Hindu/Jain festivals.

15. her eyes…! they are actually greyish green, but she has said that it depends very much on what she’s wearing and such.

16. appeared in Aalok Mehta’s music video ‘Breathe’, a music video from the film  “American Chai”.

17. said to be 5′ 4″ (1.63 m), which i find hard to believe because she does appear taller. i’m 1.64 m! is it possible that her height is slightly less than mine??

18. has a small tattoo on her right inner ankle – a tribal lotus which she designed herself. she probably got it after 2009, because photos of her in 2009 are all without the tattoo (from the very few photos of her with her feet visible!).

19. vices: “Oh yeah. Lots. […] I am so up front that it can be hard for some people, especially if they don’t know me and trust I am coming from a kind place. And I would hate to alienate someone. I also spread myself too thin at times and end up mad at myself because I can’t do everything and be everywhere. I procrastinate. I don’t sleep enough. I give advice when not asked to at times. I am an impatient driver. I overeat.”  There you go!

20. Choreograph the dance number in “American Chai” (credited).

21. one of her favourite books is Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts (official website). it’s a very thick novel, thicker than FCP’s “A Guide to Weather”!

22. She had starred as:
○ “Nicole” three times: in Three Veils (as “Nikki”, a variation), The Trouble with Romance, and Dancing in Twilight.
○ “Layla” also three times: in I Can’t Think Straight (as “Leyla”, a spelling variation), The Agency (TV series, episode: An Isolated Incident) and The Princess & the Marine (TV movie).
○ “Maya” twice: in  Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World and American Chai.
Popular names indeed…!

23. the short film “Reign” (2011) is the first one she has co-produced. more to come!

24. Part of the ensemble of Being bin Laden (trailer/teaser here) for Montreal’s Just for Laughs Festival 2011. fun stuff!

25. favourites:
colour: Indigo,
word: Arachnibutyrophobia,
season: Fall.

26. crowned the DIYA model of the year (2004) at the DIYA model/magazine launch party at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Dallas, Texas.

27. has some allergic reaction to pollen/dust. but IMHO, because she has a high nose-bridge (on top of being very active in sports), it’s not impossible that it’s actually also a mild deviated septum, mostly common during childbirth. but that’s just a theory. more of that here.

28. linguistically, she has a noticeable northeast-american accent.  sometimes, you can hear a bit of that hindi/gujarati tone in her sentences too.

29. from my observation of how she speaks, she’s a perfectionist and her worst critic. she doesn’t change her mind on a whim. and whenever she does change her mind, she has solid reasons which she believes in whole-heartedly. also, as much as she’s personable and approachable (which is true to certain extent), she’s actually very private. there’s a small part of herself which she keeps to herself that very few privileged people have been allowed to.

30. and finally, from my observation, her preference for high-adrenaline activities shows that she has a lot of nervous energy. she cannot sit still for long periods and has a need to keep herself busy, even on a vacation.

ms. sheetal sheth, how accurate are these?? (~_^)


side note: yes, the list has grown a bit ʘ‿ʘ ! if the post changes again, someone please prescribe me some drugs of the sort for the hormones in my brain!

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  1. Hi, good to know there’s a fellow Malaysian out there who is as passionate as I am of Sheetal and supports gay rights too. Yay!

    • hi! thanks for stopping by :)! yes, loving sheetal sheth! yes, supporting gay rights too ;)!

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