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Who Pays The Highest Petrol? Cheap Petrol Makes You Stupid


Written by Published on August 16, 2012 2:01 pm

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Which country pays the most expensive price for petrol? People in which country feel the most pain when paying for petrol?

Bloomberg recently published its Gas Price Ranking. 60 countries were surveyed, not only on the price for a gallon (3.78-litres) of premium petrol, but also the country’s average daily income and the percentage of daily income needed to purchase one gallon of premium petrol.

Norwegians pay the highest for petrol, USD 10.12 for a gallon (3.78 litre) of premium petrol, while Venezuelans pay the least (USD 0.09/gallon).

However it is the Indians that feel the most pain at the pumps. Although premium petrol is sold at USD 5.44/gallon, the average daily income for Indians is only USD 3.97. An average Indian wage earner has to work 1.4 days before he can afford one gallon of premium petrol.

Out of the 60 countries surveyed, Malaysia has the eighth cheapest petrol in the world. Bloomberg’s survey puts the average daily income for Malaysians at USD 29, the 46th richest.

Malaysians need to pay 11 percent of their daily wage for a gallon of premium petrol, putting us at 32nd place in terms of petrol price to daily wage share, same rank with Mexico, South Korea and Israel.

Our neighbour Singapore, pays USD 6.08/gallon for premium petrol, the 35th highest in the world. However, Singaporean motorist feel little pain.

The island state has the 10th highest income in the world and Singaporeans only need to fork out 4.4 percent of their daily wage to buy one gallon of premium petrol, putting Singaporeans at 50th place in terms of petrol to wallet share.

Thailand has the 46th most expensive petrol. Thai motorist feel more pain at the pump than either Malaysians or Singaporeans, requiring 28 percent of their daily wage to purchase a gallon of premium petrol, ninth highest in the world.

Meanwhile, Indonesians are even less fortunate. Compared to their average daily income of USD 10, Indonesians use 37 percent of their daily wage to buy premium petrol, the fifth highest in the world. The price for a gallon of premium petrol is USD 3.85, 13th cheapest in the world.

Much have been said about the resource curse, which says that if you have a lot of cheap oil in your country, you are doomed to poverty, illiteracy, corrupt government and civil strife as politicians and the army fight for control over oil wells.

Africa, so rich in diamond, timber and oil but this also means that it is easier enrich oneself by gaining power rather than developing the country. African leaders rather plunder and wage wars for control over the natural resources rather than build schools and hospitals to create an educated and productive population.

Nigeria for example, is Africa’s largest oil proder but more than half its population live in poverty.

Last year, Nigeria spent USD 8 billion in fuel subsidy, severely draining the country’s finances for structural development. An estimated USD 7 billion was lost through corruption by oil related companies.

Taiwan has many similarities with Malaysia. It has a population of about 23 million, about six million less than Malaysia. Taiwan was formed in 1949, eight years earlier than Malaysia.

But unlike Malaysia, Taiwan’s landscape is dominated by rocky mountains and has almost no natural resource to mine. Its government knew the only mining it can do is to mine the minds and culture of its people.

Today, Taiwan is a one of Asia’s leading tourist destination, electronics and IT powerhouse and the Taiwanese central bank holds the fourth largest financial reserve in the world.


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#MuslimRage on Twitter

There are funny Muslims out there! The  following are just some of the tweets from the recent #MuslimRage trend.

Yousif El Helw@elhelwy
The waiter didn’t tell me the meat i was eating was pork; I was so angry I dropped my glass of wine. #MuslimRage

My camel doesn’t want to wear seat belt. #muslimrage

Saad Malik@SaadMalik
Being born in the Chinese year of the pig. #muslimrage

Randa Jarrar@randajarrar
After a long night at the bar, when there’s only pork in your one-night-stand’s fridge #muslimrage

Lowering your gaze and bumping into a lamppost. #MuslimRage

Saad Malik@SaadMalik
Doing wudu in a public bathroom and someone walks in just in time to see your foot in the sink. #muslimrage

Welshy @WelshInGaza
On a plane and people mishearing me when I say I am a *tourist*. #muslimrage

Simon Robinson@iron_emu
Ramadan in Iceland when days are 23 hours long. #muslimrage

There’s no prayer room in this nightclub! #muslimrage

Can’t remember if it’s the 3rd rakat or 4th. #muslimrage

Imad Mesdoua@ImadMesdoua
“What do you mean you don’t serve chocolate milk at this pub?!” #muslimrage

Matt O’Brien@ObsoleteDogma
These pretzels are making me thirsty. #muslimrage

Hijabi Girl@HijabiGrlPrblms
A puppy licked me, NOW I HAVE TO MAKE WUDU AGAIN AND BURN MY CLOTHES. #muslimrage

Khaver Siddiqi@thekarachikid
#muslimrage against the machine

Not knowing how many cheek kisses are due #muslimrage

♕ The 47th ♕@THE_47th
The 72 virgins turn out to be all males #MuslimRage

Shawarma with no garlic sauce? #MuslimRage

Menna منّة @TheMiinz
I asked for coffee, he gave me a decaf. I threw it in his face. #Muslimrage

Nesrine Malik@NesrineMalik
Just swore at my laptop because a window froze. #muslimrage

District Line sucks #muslimrage

Things is getting supra-colonial up in here. #MuslimRage

Leila ليلى@LSal92
Lost your kid Jihad at the airport. Can’t yell for him. #MuslimRage

Hijabi Girl@HijabiGrlPrblms
Someone compliments you, BUT FORGETS TO SAY MASHALLAH. #muslimrage

Dalia Mogahed@DMogahed
When a “female assist” is called before I even walk through the metal detector. #muslimrage

Rami Salamé@ramisalame
Not only did I trip and fall, but I didn’t even land facing the Qiblah! #MuslimRage

Fatima @oh_my_golly
The Dark Knight Rises came out in Ramadan #muslimrage

Sashaa Malik@SashaaMalik
Finding out something you’ve loved eating all your life has geletine in it :/ #muslimrage

Dalia Mogahed@DMogahed
When I wear a white hijab to a TV interview with a white backdrop. #floatingHead #MuslimRage

B i l a l@BilalSpeaks
When someone makes a stupid film which looks like an 8 year old made it and idiots violently over react and make us look bad #muslimrage

Tom Gara@tomgara
So you’re telling me that in this entire sporting goods store you don’t have a single ski turban? #muslimrage

Sara Jo سارة@HelloSaraJo
When you forget to put your cell on silent and your class of 500 hear a loud & alarming ALLAAAAHHU AKBAR ALLAAAAHHH… #muslimrage

Muna AbuSulayman@MunaAbuSulayman
My mom not letting us wear a shirt from the brand name Bossini (say it in arabic and you will figure it out) #muslimrage

Remi Kanazi@Remroum
Just add nighttime & glow sticks. It goes from #MuslimRage to #MuslimRave

H.S. Abell Jefrry@abelljefrry
Cannot say hi to Jack inside a plane. #MuslimRage

Kübra Gümüsay@kuebra
The light’s show red. You desperately want to cross the street. But you’re in Germany and a hijabi. So you smile and stay still. #muslimrage

Amro Ali@_amroali
Want to write a book called “Men are from Mecca, Women are from Medina” #MuslimRage

Alan Graham@agraham999
Too much pork in Angry Birds. #muslimrage

I’m having such a good hair day. No one even knows. #MuslimRage

Woman Unveiled@WomanUnveiled
My magic carpet ran out of gas again.. #MuslimRage

Haneen @Haneena
Walk into mini pool in the bathroom after someone makes wudu. #MuslimRage

Besma Soltan@BesmaSoltan
When the athan goes off in a meeting and a colleague refers to it as music #MuslimRage

Getting asked if I’m hungry after saying no for the gazillionth time. #MuslimRage

Praying and your phone goes off with an embarrassing “Call Me Maybe” ringtone #MuslimRage

Jason Sohiel Asgari@TheMuz
There’s more hair on my chest than on my head #MuslimRage

Day dreaming in prayer #MuslimRage

Dana Rodrigues@DanaDuc
Tanning in this Burkini is giving me the worst tan lines #muslimrage

Faheem Dayala@faheemday
Counting down the longest 8 hrs til vacation time #Muslimrage

Kevin Conroy wasn’t in The Dark Knight Rises and Arkham City was too short! #MuslimRage

Peter N. Milligan@pnmlaw
Too many bacon themed Christmas gift ideas this year. #MuslimRage

Noor Wazwaz@yawazwaz
Why the hell does Panera not have their pumpkin spice lattes yet? #getwiththeprogram #muslimrage

When Kabab prices rise (what is the world coming to?). #MuslimRage

Ahmed Omar@Ahmedomar79
When someone asks “what’s your name?” and you Say “Ahmed” and they hear it “I’m Ed”. Grrrrrr #MuslimRage

Saleem Khan@saleemkhan
1200ET When people misspell your name “Kahn” — even after you’ve spelled it for them. #MuslimRage + #WrathOfKhan

When the most active member of the peanut gallery is a lorry seller and throws nuts and bolts. #MuslimRage

LolZ Gym@lolzgym
pork flavoured jack3d on sale #MuslimRage

Frank Lenggenhager@Lenggenhager
Booking that incredibly cheap flight on the internet to Mecca and ending up in Mecca, Indiana #MuslimRage

Ayman Hossam Fadel@aymanfadel
#muslimrage Why aren’t there more recycling bins around? You mean I gotta carry this thing around?

The Brown Brumby@brownbrumby
After thoroughly enjoying the tasty Pizza, your friends tells you…Oops! I think that was the one with bacon on it. #MuslimRage

Eman Hassaballa Aly@EmanHAly
Mother calling you to the bazaar to “show you something”, really to be seen by someone. #muslimrage

C’EST MOI.@Nutheila
Drinking beer with your secret boyfriend in your room. #muslimrage

Sara Alam Khan@Oyechupsaale
Wow – this is true form of rage aka #muslimrage *photu*

Huma Idrees@HumaIdrees
When your smelling the last meal of the person praying next to you #muslimrage

No more toilet paper #MuslimRage

Acne on my faaaace! #MuslimRage

The brother in front of you stepping on your head as we get up from Sujood #MuslimRage

Saleem Khan@saleemkhan
1230ET It’s 2012 and I still don’t have a jetpack or flying car. #MuslimRage

Je m’appelle libin♥@libin_XO
Realising you’re wearing odd socks during salah #MuslimRage

Noor Wazwaz@yawazwaz
I said… NO BACON!! #MuslimRage

What do you mean by we stopped giving 72virgins 1000 years ago? Goddamit!! #muslimrage

Priya Alika@thewordy
they’re out of red pepper hummus again! #MUSLIMRAGE

Fifi Wahlberg@BubblesWahlberg
Stuck in a traffic jam on a sightseeing bus on holiday in #Istanbul #CityWindowsTours #muslimrage

Lebanese Kitchen@LebaneseKitchen
What do you mean there is no more Olive Oil? #MuslimRage

Med Sansa@SansaRemix
Can’t change the audio channel and hear issam chawalli on al jazeera sport comment a football game #Muslimrage

Just got out of a music store with no Slipknot, God Smack, or Korn but plenty of Shakira #MuslimRage

Steve Halligan@Steve_Halligan
I ordered hummus not Hamas! #MuslimRage

Danya Hajjaji@DanyaHajjaji
When everyone in history class turns to you once 9/11 is brought up. #MuslimRage

Zia Sheikh@ImamZia
Indian customer service guy with horrible accent introduces himself as Jeff #MuslimRage

Zainab Jeewanjee@zainyjee
When my double suede chestnut colored boots get scuffed up at the masjid #MuslimRage

Jummah announcements while I’m trying to pray sunnah #MuslimRage

I told my shrink I was feeling suicidal and he reported me to the FBI #muslimrage

Zabi Mansoory@zmansoory
Driving to work, my Prius ran out of gas on the freeway and no cell signal #muslimrage

Asfahan Khan@LippyKhan
Have to wear scrubs to lab but I came to school in jeans! #MuslimRage

happy hours and my glass of diet coke. #muslimrage

Af Ratsja@AfRatsja
what do u mean u ran out of ice cream??! #MuslimRage

No one can appreciate my matching bra and panties #MuslimRage

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