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Wedding: Lisa Ray and Jason Dehni

Read the full article at businessofcinema.com.

The photos of Lisa Ray’s wedding were recently released. I contemplated if I should post the photos here too, since if u’re a big fan of hers, u should be able to find these photos on your own anyway.

But,… it was such a momentous occasion! It was Lisa Ray’s first and only (hopefully!) wedding!  She looks gorgeous in her wedding dress, as is her wont, in anything or nothing, really!

I wish all the happiness in the world as she embarks in this new stage of her life as Mrs. Jason Dehni. May she gets cured one day soon!

Side note: I’m happy to report that my infatuation for Lisa Ray is almost over. Almost. There is still a bit more lingering, but I’m positive that the neurotransmitters and related hormones will cease soon :)!

Photo by: Catherine Farquharson at businessofcinema.com and facebook.com/lisaraniray.


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