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It was a good cat

a few days ago, one of my mom’s cats was hit by a car. the night it was hit, we heard loud shrieks. it didn’t sounds like any animals we knew. but because the shrieks happened after a car drove by, i suspected an animal was hit by a car. i thought of my mom’s cats. my mom went outside to check if it was one of her cats. she didn’t see anything.

the cat didn’t make it. my mom found it near the front door the next morning, lying on the floor motionless. it wasn’t bleeding or anything. it was just dead. i thought, “wow! this cat actually came back home, in intense pain, perhaps crawling, to the only home it had known.”

my sister called it Joey. it was friendly. it would greet everyone who walked near it. if you pat its head or something, it would cling on to you (claws out, grabbing your legs), demanding to be picked up. it liked to sleep on my motorcycle or in the basket. and when i needed my motorcycle, i would put it on the ground or on the other motorcycle, but it would jump back onto my motorcycle.

it had happened frequent enough that i decided to take pictures. the following photos were taken on separate days. such fun!

Riding the motorcycle without a helmet is illegal in Malaysia.

Joey rubbing his face against my jacket.

Joey as he wanted to climb onto my shoulders. He had his front paw ready to go!

you’ll be missed, Joey.


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