Got pdf calendar for 2013?

My father had always been the one who got free calendars for our home every year. Every November and December, whenever he went shopping for grocery, spare parts, or just about anything, he would get calendars, usually more than we need (more than 10). But this year, since none of us shops where he used to shop, we don’t have any of those fancy calendars with horse-racing dates and all national/state holidays anymore.

It was last October when my sister asked if I got any calendar for next year. Easy solution: download! But yes, of course, none of the online calendars fits her requirements! Another easy solution, albeit more time consuming: make one! But why make one when you can make three??

** Click on titles or sample images to open and/or download.

Malaysian Calendar 2013
With national holidays marked on the calendar and other holidays/celebrations listed in the final pages. Also has Islamic calendar 1434.

calendar my 2013

Sample – Malaysian calendar 2013


Food Calendar 2013
Food-related celebrations mostly celebrated in the USA, with very few international food celebrations.

calendar food 2013

Sample – Food calendar 2013


USA Calendar 2013
With national celebrations/holidays in the USA and selected international and religious celebrations marked on the calendar. Also listed are monthly celebrations and weekly celebrations (mostly USA, very few international). Other USA/state significant celebrations and holidays are listed in the final pages.

calendar 2013 usa

Sample – USA calendar 2013


Disclaimer: The dates of the celebrations and holidays are from several websites:,,,, and a few others I can’t find their links anymore. While I have done my best to make sure they are accurate (because I use them too), I can’t guarantee they are error-free, especially international/USA celebrations and holidays. Religious celebrations which is determined by the moon calendar have also been tricky! Use them at your own risk.

Please report errors.

P/S: the USA Calendar and Food Calendar 2013 are dedicated to Sheetal Sheth and TC. HOWEVER, should you find errors and stuff, no, they’re not dedicated to them. What?! Dedicated to whom?? No! Absolutely not!


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