Sally Hawkins Wallpapers

Ahh….! Sally Hawkins… :)!

For such an amazing actress and with such caliber, again, I’m surprised that there are not many wallpapers of Sally Hawkins. So, I have taken the liberty to create some (read: a lot), and put together a few which I found worthy of reposting.

If you think I have overkilled with the vectors in some of the wallpapers, I won’t disagree!

I do plan to create and add to the post some more wallpapers of Sally Hawkins in the near future.  I’ll write a post related her too!

These wallpapers are created using images which are copyright-protected. Wallpapers are of variety of sizes. To download: right-click on images, open in new window/tab and save-as.

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  1. Love watching her in Tipping the Velvet and Fingersmith.

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