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  1. Love Love your posts, as usual. Not sure if you do movie reviews, but “Three Veils?”

    • you’re too kind! i’m afraid i’m only good at posting silly stuff! lol…!
      but seriously, …
      i have planned to write reviews of movies with sheetal sheth, jodhi may and marian aguilera, (and maybe sally hawkins too) but haven’t found the time to do that properly. with “Three Veils”, i haven’t even seen it – i haven’t decided whether to purchase a digital copy online or get the dvd! have you seen it?

  2. Not yet….I started to order it on Amazon the other day, but I blew too much money on books! I had to complete my World Unseen and ICTS collection!

    • lol…! the things we do for hobbies! books are expensive these days! never buy new!
      ‘three veils’ dvd (and even the digital copy) is a bit on the expensive side for me. and without any bonus features too! that’s why i haven’t made the move to get it. i don’t know what i’m waiting for, though! besides, sheetal sheth is only 1/3 of it! i am THAT biased… lol!
      if u have ICTS and TWU, then is it safe to assume that u have all shamim sarif’s books as well? ICTS and TWU dvds are great – with bonus!
      i purchased ‘kyss mig’ recently and just saw it again today, and very unhappy that the dvd doesn’t have any bonus, other than some irrelevant trailers and a music video of some sort. luckily, ruth vega fernandez is gorgeous. 😉 maybe i’ll write a review of that movie!

  3. “Kyss Mig” is one of my favorites! And Ruth has such a cool, unusual look. I’d never heard of her until that film. It was very real and stayed true to the love story. So many lesbian films just can’t find their way without having some massive drama, damaged characters, and unhappy endings.
    I already had Shamim’s books and the movies, but I had to add the audiobooks for ICTS & TWU. There’s nothing like having Lisa Ray read you to sleep at night (hehehe)!!
    I don’t know where you are, but can you get Netflix there? It’s great, really cheap, and has a pretty big selection of gay films.

    • oh netflix! i bemoan my outcast state :P! netflix is not available in malaysia (yet?)! it is very unfortunate! i think they should have gone global. and why not?!
      i’m actually not a fan of romantic movies/love stories, which most lgbt movies tend to be. so, i haven’t seen a lot of those at all! the first one i ever saw was ICTS! since then i have checked out a few, but i have to say, they have begun to look pretty much the same to me. i dunno why…! even ‘kyss mig’! very few stood out as original to me, like ‘i love you phillip morris’ and ‘transamerica’. in terms of storyline, i like them both a lot!
      oh wow…! lisa ray in your ear, in your bed ;)! lol

  4. You’re kind of freaking me out….do you have a twin that was separated at birth? I’ve seen bits and pieces of gay movies throughout the years, but ICTS was the first one I actually sat down and watched. I have a couple of Malaysia stories, too, but I have to go. You would like Netflix….there’s loads of alternative, gritty, dark, foreign films, etc. available. Living in Kentucky, I would go bonkers without it and my online communication!

    • lol… no way! u too?! i thought icts was ok – filled with beautiful people. good reason enough to see it again and again! 😉
      wow! u have malaysian lgbt films? now that’s ironic – i haven’t seen any of them. ever! other than ‘botol’ which is banned here, i have not heard of any! how did u find out about them?

  5. I was in a rush yesterday… ‘Malaysia stories’ are nothing pertaining to films – which is why it’s even stranger! Anyway, I must digress: if ICTS didn’t have such lovelies in it, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it nearly as much (ssshhhh…..don’t tell anyone how shallow I am)! Would like to email, facebook, tweet here and there w/ you about entertainment stuff, news in your area, etc..Social networking kind of exhausts me, but I use it to keep up w/ old friends, family, etc. I’d never ask you for info – would give you mine (I’m sure you’re ecstatic over this bit of info!), as long as you’re older than 25 and NOT looking for a hookup – haha! Sorry, long day at work and a couple of glasses of cabernet make me ridiculous! So before I type you a novel, I bid you a terrific evening – guess I should check your time difference there before I say that. Time to google…..

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