The mesmerising Ruth Vega Fernandez

ruthvegafernandezRuth Vega Fernandez.

I felt like a deer in love lights. Literally. Or maybe figuratively. Or maybe both!

As usual, when that happens, the researcher in me goes into  stalking mode   researcher mode!

All things Ruth Vega Fernandez:

Official web site:
Ruth Vega Fernandez on
Ruth Vega Fernandez at AGENCE ELIZABETH SIMPSON (Agent)
Ruth Vega Fernandez at (Agent)
Ruth Vega Fernandez Facebook page
Ruth Vega Fernandez on Wikipedia (incomplete)

Since she is of Spanish ancestry, she has that traditional “two surnames” (apellidos) – father’s first surname (apellido paterno), and mother’s first surname (apellido materno). Like Marian Aguilera Perez and Laura Sanchez Lopez. But obviously, the first surname bears more significance since it’s paternal. More on the confusing double surname HERE.


Some things about Ruth Vega Fernandez:

•  Both her parents are Spanish. She was born on the Canary Islands (Islas Canarias). After a few years, her parents moved to Sweden.

•  She was born on Tuesday, April 12th, 1977.

•  Height: 5′ 6″ (not verified).

•  It is said that her nationality is Swedish, but currently, she is based mostly in Paris.

•  She has admitted to being straight. She has a  boyfriend, Ludwig Dahlberg, the drummer of the band “The (International) Noise Conspiracy”.

•  She speaks Swedish and Spanish (native speaker), English and French (fluent) and some Italian.

• Her Swedish has Gothenburg accent, because that’s where her parents moved to when they arrived in Sweden (Haga in Gothenburg). After that, they went back and forth between Spain and Sweden a lot, until her parents separated. Then, she lived with her mother there (Gothenburg).

• She has lived in Paris since she was 16. She moved to Paris with her mother.

•  She dances: Tango, Flamenco, Latin dance, Modern dance and Ballet.

•  She knows Fencing, Martial Arts and Boxing.

•  She used to study theatre and dancing in New York.

•  She has so many books in her apartment in Paris.

•  “Kyss Mis” (2011) is considered Sweden’s first lesbian film, and as “Mia”,  she was one of the leading ladies.

•  Her right eye has three “dark spots” in the iris.  If her eye were the sun, they would be like sun spots! I don’t know what they’re called, but some sort of pigmentation mishap.  Very cool though!

•  She supports IT GETS BETTER PROJECT (2014)

•  Watch/listen to her speak:
Ruth Vega Fernandez speaking Swedish,
Ruth Vega Fernandez speaking English,
Ruth Vega Fernandez speaking Spanish,
Ruth Vega Fernandez speaking French.


•  “I love Belleville. I feel at home. In Spain, I’m Swedish. In Sweden, I’m Spanish. Here, too, I am an immigrant, but by choice.” (Grazia; 31.08.2012).

• “When I was 16, I moved to France with my mother. For me Paris is a safe haven, a place where I don’t need to be defined by others.” (Red Ruth; 2011-09-07)

• “I want to convey complexity. Reality is complex and involves many shades of gray. Right now everything’s being simplified. There’s being projected a simplified picture of society. My job as an actor is to question and get people to open their eyes and become critical.” (Red Ruth; 2011-09-07)

• “I wish I had more time to paint and write.” (Red Ruth; 2011-09-07)

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  1. Oops! I think I should have said ‘I bid you good morning’ in my response to your last blog post. Gee, I think I’ve heard of that Ruth girl (haha) but you’re kind of frightening me now! I looked her up online yesterday, and your search site is supreme to mine, apparently! Glad my name Is not Ruth or Sheetal, etc. 🙂 Have a lovely DAY!

    • lol…! yes, i have been told that my research skill is slightly above average! …or perhaps that’s what i told myself ;)! heheh!
      ruth vega fernandez is gorgeous! unfortunately, a lot of stuff on her are in swedish and french. so, info is very limited on her!
      if u do want to connect on social network, yes, we can do that. i’m mostly on facebook though. i do have twitter ( but i’m not there a lot. in addition to the email address i post on the blog, u can email me on facebook too.
      i’m not sure if u’d find me exciting though! 😉

  2. You have some really great pictures of Ruth….I didn’t see all of them before. Now you’ve put me in the mood to watch ‘Kiss Myg’ again!

    • she looks great in any picture ;)!
      you can see clearly her eye’s sun spots in ‘kyss mig’!

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