Thoughts: Sia’s collaboration with Eminem

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Sia is awesome. No question. She’s one of the most versatile musicians ever in the world. Listen to her popular songs and you’ll know what I mean. So much talent packed in one person! I don’t know ALL of her songs and collaboration unfortunately, because I don’t listen to music enough to keep track.

I’ve been a fan of Sia even before she was well-known for the “Six Feet Under” thingy — not a really big fan, but fan enough to know that her album “Healing Is Difficult” (2001) was released after her boyfriend’s death.  So, when she did explode into the world with hits after hits, I was sort of proud of the fact that I had known her before all that!

And thus, the recent news of her collaboration with Eminem broke my heart (must-read: an interesting article of her response HERE). I have boycotted all-things Eminem ever since he became mainstream and his songs are all over the place. It’s public knowledge that the lyrics of his songs are laden with homophobia and violence against women — two things close to my heart. Even one of those elements is enough reason for me to boycott anyone. Case in point: Chris Brown and Christian Bale.

However, there’s no kill switch on awesome! Sia announced this week (on 5th Nov) that she’s donating proceeds from Eminem collaboration to LGBT youth programs (news here too). It warms my little heart!

OK, now I can listen to the song: Eminem – Beautiful Pain ft. Sia! Heck, I’ll even embed it here!

All things Sia Furler:
Official Twitter : @Sia
Official Facebook: SiaMusic
Official Web site:
Official YouTube: siavideos

I hereby officially offering myself to be Sia’s girlfriend.

End of line.


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