The fake Jodhi May has a lot to learn

JMPa 2dec2013 I found this twitter many months ago. Finding it was easy – I make it a point to search “Jodhi May” on Twitter every time I go online. From the timeline, we know it was set up after I created the Jodhi May fan site.

I would like to point out that I do have a problem with the twitter user using the fan site as her/his web site reference. I have tweeted her/him twice and he/she replied to the most recent one. I have accidentally deleted that my reply to that tweet, but luckily, we have that screen grab (refer to screen grab on the left; click on image for original size).

From the looks of it, he/she is claiming to be the Jodhi May herself.

My thoughts: highly unlikely.

Jodhi May the actress would have enough brains to know the legal issues of associating herself with a fan site. My fan site is not even an “unofficial web site”. It’s a fan site. It has its own share of cons as a site dedicated to an actress. If I were a celebrity, I would be careful about associating myself with any works of fans.

Sheetal Sheth is doing it right. My fan site for her is one of the few listed in there too, but she carefully disclaims that she has anything to do with any of those fan sites.

Besides, The Fancy Dress Party is an all-male band. Like, seriously??

The fake Jodhi May has a lot to learn.

Oh look, here’s more of what she/he has to say:

JMP 3dec2013

Such politeness! lol

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  1. Shira Greenberg

    I do not understand why you will not let Jodhi May fans enjoy her on twitter or wherever she is online, you sound like a real loser to me, and your website sucks, I am a true fan of this actress, and I will tell people about you are doing with her name and image!

    • i am a fan of jodhi may, that’s why i’m against anybody impersonating jodhi may, using her image for their own good. u go and believe whatever you want.

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