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  1. I’m a Muslim. I really believe in my religion. Although i always felt i’m all soaked in sins, i couldn’t stop praying or believing. Sometimes i felt i was a hypocrite or even schizophrenic. Until i came across ur blog. i’ve never seen or imagined that there was anyone like me. I mean sinful and religious dont go together. I recently moved to UK, thinking things would be easier. But now I found out that i cant be open about my beliefs among the LGB community exactly like i cant be open about my sexuality among the muslim community. I really dont see any near solution for this situation. But still coming upon ur blog was such a relief. At least i’m not alone. You should totally research this by the way, i mean discrimination among LGB. can u imagine going to a gay cafe wearing ur hijab (veil)?

    MFZ, Thank you

    • i read an interesting piece by Henking – http://www.religiondispatches.org/archive/sexandgender/4808/coming_out_twice__sexuality_and_gender_in_islam. i haven’t read the book itself, though. perhaps one day! it’s true — as a muslim, we actually need to come out twice: first as a muslim, and then as a lesbian. but as a hijab wearing muslim, we don’t have to worry about the first one. it’s the second one that’s tricky. we’d like to think that since lgbt community is suppressed, oppressed and marginalised, they’d understand how it feels like to be on the receiving end of it all. and therefore, they’d be more open and welcoming. but as many muslims have testified to, it’s not always true. we’re discriminated against twice. and if your ethnicity carries some stigma, that’s another to add to the load!

      well, for the gay cafe, i actually wouldn’t mind visiting it. i just never had a chance ;)!

      always know that u’re not alone.

      thanks for dropping by :)!

      • Thanks a lot. I regret it after I wrote my comment. I thought I offended you, talking about feeling sinful and all that. The book sounds very interesting. I’ll try it. I’m still waiting for your review on “the fosters” 😉
        I know you’re into romantic family shows but it really gives me hope when I watch things like this. Happy new year and enjoy exercises 🙂

      • nah,…! don’t worry about it!

        “the fosters”?? i will admit i’ve never heard of it before! perhaps, one day,…. eventually,… i’ll catch it ;)!

        happy new year to you too! live long and prosper :)!

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