The awesome composer Avshalom Caspi

I feel very much compelled to write about the award-winning composer of the score of  “The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister” (BBC, 2010), Avshalom Caspi. Of course, I’ve never heard of him before. He is not as celebrated as John Williams, Hans Zimmer, James Horner or even Mark Snow, but his work in the BBC film was amazing! The score which I have the liberty to name “Song to the Key of Anne Lister” simply breaks my heart!

Listen here:

This song opens the film. And immediately, it tugged at my heart. I have never studied music (actually I have when I was in primary school, but it was lost within the same year I learned it), and so I don’t even know where to begin to analyse and dissect a piece of work. But this one is just plain awesome!

Here’s another of his work that I like, not related to “The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister”. Unfortunately, there aren’t many of his works available online.

All things Avshalom Caspi:


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