Accident Schmaccident!

I was hit by a car while riding my motorcycle. That wasn’t the bad news. I was hit by two different cars on two separate occasions. Still, that wasn’t the bad news. The bad news was, my mom was my pillion rider on the first occasion.

The first accident was the worst in my life. Good news: nothing was broken. The Toyota Camry hit us from the side when the driver decided that she wanted to turn left all the way from the second lane, the fast lane. She claimed that she didn’t see us.

I tried to keep my balance, knowing I had my mom behind me. But we hit the surface of the road very hard anyway. I felt my right shoulder hitting the road. I heard my helmet hitting the road. I kept my eyes open the whole time. I thought of my mom the whole time. The moment everything stopped, I immediately got up, lifted the motorcycle, and helped my mom up. I heard my shoulder making some soft cracking sounds. It didn’t sound bad, so I ignored it. My mom was in pain. She couldn’t walk.

Long story. Short version: my mom is recovering at home now.

That was last Thursday, 5th day of Ramadhan, 3rd July. I was supposed to drive my mom in the car my brother bought for our parents to run errands, but on that fateful day, she decided that riding with me on my motorcycle was a better idea… as God had planned for us.

Second accident: a Proton Wira reversed and hit me as I was riding alone yesterday. Good news, I was alone. Another good news, I was going slowly, and the car was going slowly. I hit the ground, sure. I was in pain because my injuries from the first accident haven’t entirely healed yet, sure. But this time, thank God, no blood.   Again, the driver claimed that she didn’t see me.

What’s with car drivers not seeing motorcyclists??  I mean, it’s not like we’re microscopic! Last month, I had two very close call – on both occasions, the cars almost hit me as if they didn’t see me. The first time, a car almost hit me upon coming out of a junction. It was  a two-way road, but obviously he only looked to his left, and not seeing me coming from the right. Almost hit me by an inch!

The second time, a car swerved into my lane and stopped right in front of me. The driver wanted to buy some kuih on the road side. On seeing that I had also swerved to avoid hitting his car, he raised his hand and signalled an apology. Please GTH.

But I’m always grateful for their being small incidents. Always grateful too for no major injuries — no broken bones, no deep open wounds, and no dislocations. Thank You, Allah.  And certainly, more reason to be grateful — before this, I’ve had almost issue-free driving on the road. It may be hard to believe, especially by fellow Malaysians, but we do have more careful and considerate drivers here than stupid ones.

Verily, Allah is Most Beneficent and Most Merciful, All-Knowing and Wise. If I can learn anything from these experiences, is that I am powerless — we like to think we have control over certain things. We don’t.

Reminder to self:


Thanks, man. I’ll try!



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  1. That’s too bad. I’m so sorry. Well, I’m afraid I’ve a certain opinion on riding a motorcycle on the first place. If u were mine (daughter, sister, friend,…other 😉 ), we would be having a serious conversation now 🙂 sorry I tend to lecture, most probably because I’m a teacher. I know I ought to stop that. Anyway, I’m glad nothing serious happened and I’m sure u r strong enough to recover perfectly and u r smart enough to stay safe 🙂

    Ramadan Karim

  2. You’re very kind :)! Thank you! Motorcycling does have its own special risks, but everything comes with some kind of risk! heheh ;)!

    Ramadhan Karim to you too..

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