To all subscribers

What?! You have subscribers??!

Yes, I’m surprised too!

I’ve been thinking long and hard, and I would like to give away DVDs of LGBT-themed movies that I currently own. Why? Too obvious!

First up:

“I Can’t Think Straight” and “The World Unseen” combo with “I Can’t Think Straight” OST CD. I bought them together. So I figured, I should give them away together too. It’s the very slight OCD in me.


1.  Original; not a pirate copy.

2.  The DVDs and CD have minor scratches which do not affect playability. I blame the scratches on watching them too many times!

3. They come without casing and cover. I blame my paranoia on this one!


The first to email me with request for the DVDs will get them.

1. Please send your name (real or fake) and residence/office address. I will be sending them using registered mail. So, unfortunately, P.O. Boxes are not allowed.

2. Please indicate the email address/blog URL that you used to subscribe to this blog, as to verify subscription.


Don’t worry about me exposing your name, address and such. I’m a lesbian Muslim — we’re very good at keeping secrets ;). And I promise there would be no future correspondence.



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