The heart will not lead your astray

pull of what you love


Rumi is a big fan of Love. I can understand why. He wasn’t just talking about romantic or worldly Love, but so much more than that.

Right now, though, I don’t think I can follow the strange pull of what I really love. Especially “the strange pull” part, because a broken heart makes a poor compass, just like a broken compass.

But, if we think about it some more, perhaps a broken heart is actually the right tool to follow, because it is most real and honest about what it feels. The brains don’t really have much power over it. A broken heart is ruled by extreme emotions, which are raw, honest and contemptuous. Following it is risky, of course, because most of the times it is blind. Blind, maybe, but a broken heart has more clarity than anything in this world.

I should know.


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