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We learn our biggest lessons when things get rough



The only time most of us ever learn anything is when we get hit over the back of the head. Why? Because it’s easier NOT to change. So we keep doing what we’re doing until we hit a brick wall.

Take our health for example. When do we change diets and start exercising? When our body is falling apart – when the doctor says, “If you don’t change your lifestyle, you’ll kill yourself!” Suddenly, we’re motivated. In business – when do we try new ideas and make the tough decisions? When we can’t pay our bills. When do we finally learn about customer service? After the customers have left! When do we pray? When our life is falling apart.

We learn our biggest lessons when things get rough. When have you made the most important decisions in your life? When you were on your knees – after disasters, after knock-backs, when you’ve been kicked in the head. That’s when we say to ourselves: “I’m sick of being broke, sick of being kicked around. I’m tired of being mediocre. I’m going to do something.” Success we celebrate – but we don’t learn too much. Failure hurts – and that’s when we get educated. In retrospect, we usually notice “disasters” were turning points.

Effective people don’t go looking for problems, but when they get smacked in the mouth, they ask themselves: “How do I need to change what I’m thinking and what I’m doing? How can I be better than I am now?” Losers ignore all the warning signs. When the roof falls in, they ask: “Why does everything happen to me?”

We are creatures of habit. We keep doing what we are doing until we are forced to change.

So, is life a series of painful disasters?

Not necessarily. The universe is always nudging us with gentle signals. When we ignore the signals, it nudges us with a sledgehammer.

Growth is most painful when we resist it. Growth is about breaking new ground.

We are not here to be punished. We are here to be educated. Every event has the potential to transform us, and disasters have the greatest potential to change our thinking. ACT AS IF EVERY EVENT HAS A PURPOSE, AND YOUR LIFE WILL HAVE A PURPOSE. Figure out why you needed an experience, conquer it, and you won’t need it again.


Andrew Matthews (1997). Follow Your Heart. Trinity Beach: Seashells Publishers.



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