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“If you feel you are getting screwed, you probably are!”



Take a stand

“If you feel you are getting screwed, you probably are!”
-Chin-Ning Chu

“Following your heart” doesn’t mean being soft. The world is a tough place and nature’s laws are severe. The weak lamb gets eaten by the fox. Weak people get eaten too! When you are weak, the foxes see you as an easy target – and you get picked on and you get stung.

Once upon a time,…

One day, a frog was sitting by a stream. A scorpion came by, and said, “Mr. Frog, I would like to cross the stream, but I am a scorpion and cannot swim. Would you be so kind as to swim across with me on your back?”
And the frog said, “But you are a scorpion and scorpions sting frogs!”
Said the scorpion, “Why would I sting you? I want to get to the other side!”
“OK”, said the frog, “Climb on my back and I will take you.”
They were just halfway across the stream when the scorpion stung the frog. Writhing in agony, and with his last breath, the frog said, “Why did you do that? Now we’ll both drown!”
“Because,” said the scorpion, “I am a scorpion, and scorpions sting frogs.”

Look out for scorpions! There are people around who don’t mind drowning if they can drag you down too.

Some people are to be avoided. Sometimes you have to stand and fight. When do you make a stand? You can only ask yourself, “What do I feel is fair?” Then take your position, irrespective of whether other people are going to like you or think you are nice.

You can wear yourself out trying to get everyone to like you, agree with you and in the end, they don’t like you and/or  you don’t know who you are.

Ultimately, you can only depend on your inner guidance. In other words, follow your own heart.


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