The truth about energy



Have you ever noticed that you can hike all day in the wilderness and feel energised? Or spend a morning in a shopping mall, and feel like you’ve been hit by a truck?

Everything around us has a vibration, be it grass, concrete, plastic or polyester. We pick up the vibrations. Forests and gardens have healing vibrations: they replace our energy. Concrete shopping malls and car parks have different vibrations: they sap our energy. Cathedrals have elevated vibes. Dirty restaurants with plastic table cloths are low energy places. Smokey bars and strip joints are low energy places – the “strip” your energy.

You don’t need to be a genius to realise that your health and feelings are affected by the subtle energies of your environment. When your energy is up, you are resistant to disease and other people’s bad mood. When your energy is down, you attract depression and disease.

It pays to be selective about where you take your body and whom you hang out with. It’s better to go without than to eat in some restaurants, it’s better to stay at home than sleep in some places, it’s better to be alone reading than around certain people. Guard yourself fiercely and trust your intuition. Stay out of places and people who drain you. When a place or someone doesn’t feel right, keep walking.




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