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I am going to travel for a bit this weekend. It’s kind of making me nervous because this is my first time travelling to another country and NOT staying with a friend. Instead, I’ll be staying at a hostel and work there for a few hours in a day in exchange for boarding and 2 meals a day.

It sounded like a very cool idea when my younger sister told me about it. So, I basically said to her, “Yeah, sure! I’ll look into that.” And she signed me up for it the next day! And later, she paid for the flight too.

Everything about this trip compels me to be grateful — that all the major expenses are paid for, my friend in the US is picking me up, driving me to the hostel and ready to be my go-to person in the US (without me asking), the hostel is located in Big Bear Lake (a beautiful city), all the prep has been painless (buying a new backpack, buying stuff, packing, adjusting of braces, getting travel insurance etc.), and my family has been really supportive (in the sense that they’re not giving me a hard time about leaving home for so long, till after Eid!).

God is Most Gracious, Most Beneficent and Most Merciful. When there are times when I’ve been so ungrateful beyond words, consumed by my pain and stuck in my selfish self, He has made everything about this trip so easy for me. I thought of bailing out and abandoning the whole thing many times, simply because my heart is not there. But somehow, the making of the trip keeps on rolling on its own and things are just falling into its place.

Yes, I will admit that I’m nervous and a little scared. New experiences are always scary, especially when I’m meeting new people. I don’t think my heart is completely healed yet, but here I am anyway, going on trip.

I hope this is yet another life-changing experience. Every trip I made in the past has been one. I like travelling and am always thankful for every opportunity to travel.

New experience. New attitude. New heart. I choose life. But really, it’s mostly because I don’t really have an option!

Thank You, God, for the opportunity to travel. Thank You for making everything related to it so easy and effortless. Thank You for being so kind and generous to me, even when I’ve been difficult. Thank You for pushing me out of my comfort zone. Thank You for pushing me out of my past. All praise be to You.






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  1. hey, safe travels and have fun!

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