(In chronological order)

Food for thought
Wise words on growing old according to Aunty Acid
Biased movie review: “Sleep with me” (2009)
A judge’s blistering dissent (the USA)
Miranda Otto in “Reaching for the Moon/Flores Raras” (2013)
“One Art” by Elizabeth Bishop
Short film: “She Said, She Said”
Random thoughts V (using memes)
Welcome home #MH17  (Part II)
Girlfriend Not Found
Welcome home #MH17
Sheetal Sheth and aging
What’s your character? (MBTI chart)
Do you know your shit?
Jeff Bridges on love and relationship
We mourn and we pray
To all subscribers
Accident Schmaccident!
“Shopping” the short film
Random observation III
The world we now live in
You will be dead soon enough
Must google meaning of “loverly”
Biased movie review: “The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister” (2010)
This old man…
Calls for ‘Tolerance’ of Homophobia?
The education system according to Einstein
Romance according to “The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister” (2010)
Fun in the Twitterverse
Things I want to do
Random thoughts IV
Perception vs. Reality (Part 2)
Léa and Adèle by Mikael Jansson
Queer Muslims Deserve More Than Scriptural Zealotry
Perception vs. Reality (Part 1)
Biased movie review: “Bound” (1996)
An open letter to @MissJodhiMay
Words of wisdom from Aunty Acid
Women’s head coverings
The awesome composer Avshalom Caspi
Biased movie review: “Affinity” (2008)
I heart Kate Beckinsale
Random observation II


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