This blog will no longer be active
“The rules for being human”
Thinking and thoughts
Our intuition is our soul speaking. It does not lie.
I am self-propelled
You have to know what you want
“She Keeps Me Warm” by Mary Lambert
Who are you, really?
“A list of random things” by Victoria Erickson
“We can do some pretty spectacular things”
“We Are The People” – Empire of the Sun and Pryda
I’m on my way
How to Increase Positive Thinking in Your Life
Find that someone
Live an authentic life
Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do
The truth about energy
“Your pain is the breaking of the shell” by Khalil Gibran
“Allein” (Alone) by Pryda
My coming out to my eldest sister
“If you feel you are getting screwed, you probably are!”
This is my unexciting story
Cast not away your confidence
We are here to learn lessons
My coming out to selected friends (part II)
Climb that mountain, demmit!
Heartbreak changes us
My coming out to selected friends (part I)
I am one of the searchers
You need to be reborn
We learn our biggest lessons when things get rough
I will love. More.
The heart will not lead your astray
Hoff’s “Love Experiment”
Suffering and pain according to Rumi (II)
“The Miracle of Love”
“Before you grow up, you must fall in love 3 times”
The sorrows of the night will end
If all you can do is crawl, start crawling
Sweet is death that takes away pain
Don’t be afraid to change
Take chances. Regret nothing. (III)
Suffering and pain according to Rumi
Love outlives us all
Take chances. Regret nothing. (II)
Dear Destiny, I’m ready now
Random thoughts as I am mending my broken heart
Life is really simple
“The Rose” by Lang Leav
Take chances. Regret nothing. (I)
“The Wanderer”
“Send Me An Angel”
My only regret about being gay
“Stillness” by Michael Faudet
The Holstee Manifesto
Keep me going and protect me from evil thoughts
Drowning beneath the waves
Videos: “Freeheld” and “Blind devotion”
Madly enough to lose myself
Insomnia is the violence of the night over man
This pain in my heart feels terrible
“Same Love” (Macklemore with Ryan Lewis)
Today, 3 years ago
Time Does Not Bring Relief
Tears are words the heart can’t say
Insomnia is a torture
LOVE is… (III)
LOVE is… (II)
“Ebb” by Edna St. Vincent Millay
What is marriage?
Why marry her?
LOVE is…
What is TRUE LOVE? (part IV)
I don’t love casually
What is GRIEF?
The pains of TRUE LOVE (II)
You are…
I love you in ways…
Get well soon!
Happy Birthday!
I watched the rain today
My love shall not be moved
Be my ghost and dance with me
I woke up this morning
When you truly love someone…
The Want of You
The pains of TRUE LOVE (I)
Why her?
You’re my true happiness
What is TRUE LOVE? (part III)
It’s winter in my heart
What is TRUE LOVE? (part II)
How many nights…
What is TRUE LOVE? (part I)
“The Road Not taken”
LGBT Muslim Retreat in May 2015
“The Sick Rose” by William Blake
Then. Now. Always.
Learn from this pain
Trust God has the answer
“Insomnia” by Elizabeth Bishop
What is strength?
Let’s understand the physiological effects of heartbreak
The melancholy of early February
That first failed relationship
Stay strong, dear heart!
My heart. It hurts.
“Iridescent” by Linkin Park
“Let Go” by Tyrone Wells
Second-class fan of Sheetal Sheth
Not free of the consequences of your choice
Perception vs. Reality (Part 3)


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