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Marián Aguilera en mi corazón (y mi mente)

Marian Aguilera  ♥_♥ !

OK, so i’m not over Marian Aguilera yet! perhaps it’s her beauty; her piercing eyes or pointy nose or perfect facial structure or proportionate body … i don’t know! perhaps it’s her immense talent. or perhaps she looks really good in high-cut boots! i do love seeing women in high-cut boots. want my attention? wear a pair of those!

anyway, i was watching again all those clipped LHDP episode with only her in them (courtesy of and (account has been terminated)) and was reminded how and why i was so enamoured by this awesome actress.

…enamoured enough to research extensively and then start a fan site. enamoured enough that my desire to learn spanish was reignited the moment i hear her talk (i’ve been wanting to learn it since 2005!). enamoured enough to think that spanish is only sexy when she speaks it. (heheh!)

but i have to learn this spanish language more. i haven’t made it beyond lesson one. when i was watching all the episodes, i could catch all the swear words without any problems, and i think i caught more non-swearing words this time than the last, which i thought was cool, considering the last sentence i remember learning was “encantada de conocerte”!

i think i’ll create a graphic novel and incorporate her face in it :D! that should be fun! BUT FIRST: must learn how to draw!

she’s so gorgeous! WHY? WHY??!

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Marian Aguilera Wallpaper II

Here’s more of Marian Aguilera’s wallpaper. Most of these are also from video grabs. it’s surprising that someone that big like her doesn’t have fancy wallpapers like some big stars. Someone this beautiful deserves to be immortalised in some way.

Note again: here’s a weblog/fansite for Marian Aguilera.  and NO, Marian Aguilera is NOT a lesbian. and NO, she’s also NOT a muslim.

Note: All images are in 1200 x 900 pix. Sorry, no other sizes.

To download: right-click on images, open in new window/tab and save-as. … the usual…

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